Able Outdoors Accessible Lodging Map…Reviews Needed!

state hunt listing bannerBy Chad Waligura ~

One project we are really excited about is the interactive Accessible Lodging Map that is going to be a permanent part of the Able Outdoors site. It’s something I’ve been working on personally for several years and now is the time to get it running. To do this right we are going to need your help.

The initial plan was to record all the places I’d been to so as to share that information, regarding wheelchair accessibility of the lodging, with anyone who might be looking into going to the same places. Now, we want to open it up so that all of our viewers can contribute. The more reviews we add to the map, the better this resource will be for all who use it.

What we’re looking for are personal reviews of the places you’ve stayed at on any trip. Please include pics. I’ve been trying to make it a habit of taking photos of the hotel rooms I stay in as soon as I check in while they’re still clean and uncluttered. Specifically, we want to see the bathroom & shower, the layout of the room, the parking & entrance, and any special features like pool accessibility. Tell us about your experiences.

Don’t be limited to lodging. Tell us about the places you went to and any accessibility issues you dealt with. What venues did you attend? How did you get tickets? Was the wheelchair section in a good location? Did they have sign language interpreters? We want to know what went right as well as what went wrong. We want our map to include all of the obscure information that you can only find out about by being there.

Our map is set up so that only we can add to it, so please send your reviews and photos to me at

I know that when I was looking to go to Paris that I would’ve killed to have some information on accessible rooms and what they actually looked like inside. Someday, we are going to become that resource. Taker a moment now and check it by going to the “Resources” and clicking “Accessible Lodging Reviews” in the drop down

We want our map to ultimately reach around the world and we are going to need your help to do it. So get out there and start taking pics!