It’s A Dandy!… First Buck With My New Crossbow

By Clint Lindemann ~

Editor’s note: Clint has a C4/5 spinal cord injury that was the result of a hunting accident when he was 15. That didn’t deter him from hunting at all… With the support of family and friends, Clint modified equipment to mount onto his power chair. Hoping to pass on ideas to others, he shares his experiences on his Blog, YouTube, and Facebook pages. Here is a story of one of his successful hunts.

I did not bow hunt much the fall of 2013. This was only my sixth time out because I had been busy working on my new crossbow, fine-tuning it to my liking. I also had gone antelope hunting in Wyoming that year. I guess those are good reasons.

I live in southeast North Dakota, seven miles away from the nearest town. I hunted just north of my house the first three nights I went out, but I didn’t see one deer. So I called up my friend Kevin and asked if I could hunt down on his place. He said, “Why haven’t you been down here already?” I have hunted on his place for years and have always had good luck. They live right along the Maple River and it is a deer’s paradise.

So the first night down there I sat in an accessible low tower that sits off the ground about five feet. I like to sit there first because I can see every corner of the field and I can get a feel for what’s all moving. I saw a lot of deer and figured they were moving in my favorite spot.

I have shot two bucks there in the past years. Kevin calls it “Clint’s spot.” I call it the tall pines. It is six or seven rows of pines that run about 60 yards long. On one end the deer like to funnel through from their bedding spot to the feeding area. I like it because it is easy for me to get into and I can pretty much sit somewhere in that bunch of pines depending on the wind direction. I first sat down there on November 1st. I had quite a few deer come within 40 yards but had no good shots. Had one big 4 x 4 within 10 yards of me but I was busted by him before he got in front of me. He was smart, he knew something wasn’t right, circled around and winded me. I could not go out that Saturday or Sunday, so I had to think about how I screwed up on that 4 x 4 for two days!

But luck was on my side, and everything came together on that Monday. I got into my spot around 3 PM. Actually scared out two deer while getting out of the van. Around 4 PM the does started coming out of the bedding area… there were about 10 of them. All of a sudden, I started hearing grunting. Two little bucks started chasing around the does. There were deer running everywhere. The wind was perfect and they did not suspect me at all, thanks to the absorbing scent wick I hung (which I doused with doe in estrus made by Buck Bomb). I also put an earth dirt scent patch on my camouflage burlap that I wrap around me. Evidently that stuff works.

I started grunting at the little bucks with my new A-Way grunt call that I have on a long tube so I can easily use it. I played with them quite a while. We were grunting back and forth for at least a half-hour. But I could not get them to come in front of me.

c.lindemann deerAll of a sudden another buck came. His rack looked like an antelope buck. He had bladed antlers that went straight up. I got him within 30 yards but there were some branches in the way so I did not take the shot. He circled all the way around me and came into the trees where I was sitting, but somehow he didn’t bust me. I got to watch him make a scrape and a couple rubs. I had witnessed that before but never so close. It was awesome!

I think he was a little love stupid. After he got out of the trees I heard a big deep grunt. All of a sudden the two little bucks were sparring and he walked right in between them. You could see their necks puff up and they sized each other up.

After watching them for a little bit, they were only 30 yards away, I gave a couple soft grunts and the big guy came walking perfectly towards my scent wick. All I could see was four points on one side and a bunch of junk on the other side of his rack. I knew I was going to take the shot if he gave me the opportunity… and he did!

He came about 15 yards in front of me, raised his head up and was smelling the wick when I took the shot. Right after the shot I knew I hit him high but he ran about 20 yards and fell over. It took him quite a while to pass. I waited over an hour just to make sure he would not get up.

This was first kill I made with my new Carbon Express Intercept crossbow. It was actually my first pass through. The arrow sliced right through him. The Slick Trick’s originals did their job. He was a 7 x 5 with a lot of junk. Don’t really care. He was a dandy!

To learn more about my shooting setup, go to: Adaptive Trigger Mechanisms & Weapon Mounts for Wheelchair Users with Limited Hand Function.

{I would like to thank Dad and Don for working on my crossbow. I would like to thank Mom for bringing me hunting pretty much whenever I want. I would like to thank Kevin the landowner. I would also like to thank Don for retrieving my buck and bringing him to the processor. Without these people life would not be as enjoyable.}