The PVA Announces Three Fishing Events for the Physically Challenged in Oklahoma and Arkansas

The Mid-America Chapter of the Paralyzed Veterans of America (which includes KS, AR, MO and OK) is a group helping those who have physical challenges to be active in that outdoors, regardless as to whether military or civilian.

We have 3 fishing events every year that I’d like to tell everyone about. The weekend of September 23-25, the MAPVA will host the Okie Open, the first of the new season’s national PVA Bass Tournament Tour at Lake Eufaula, Oklahoma. In the Spring of 2017, we’ll have a Crappie Day at the same lake. Then in June 2017, there will be an opportunity for MAPVA members to participate in a trout fishing adventure on the White River in Arkansas.

Some really good people attend all our events and there are lots of prizes to be won. Whenever boating, a disabled angler is always paired with an able-bodied angler for safety’s sake. Any gender and age can apply. Please contact the MAPVA for more info on our fishing & hunting outings by calling Bill Kokendoffer at our chapter office at 405-721-7168.  Learn about upcoming outings by connecting with us on Facebook!