White River National Wildlife Refuge Deer Hunt

Cooks Lake Hunt – This deer hunt is a once-in-a-lifetime event scheduled for the 2nd weekend in December every year – Mobility Impaired Quota Permit required. Limit two (one buck and one doe, no antler restrictions, Bonus Deer. To qualify applicants must be mobility-impaired. Mobility-impaired is defined as a permanent physical condition that severely impairs your mobility, which requires the assistance from a wheelchair, braces, crutches, or other similar aids of mobility. Applicants must also provide a letter from a physician to verify the applicant’s physical condition that severely impairs their mobility without proper assistance. The level of impairment must be stated in a letter to verify the extent of the applicant’s condition. The physician’s letter must be on an official letterhead with the physician’s original signature. For more information, go to White River National Wildlife Refuge.  To apply for this hunt contact the White River National Wildlife Refuge in St. Charles at (870) 282-2800 for an application. Applications must be postmarked by August.