UFFDA Deer Hunts in Minnesota & Wisconsin

If you are a physically challenged UFFDA (United Federation For Disabled Archers) member is eligible to register for all UFFDA hunts. Our organization is growing and more opportunities are becoming available each year. Every Fall, UFFDA sponsors 3 separate whitetail hunts:

  1. The first takes place at Camp Wilderness in Park Rapids, MN.
  2. The second hunt will be at BSAA in Baraboo, WI and…
  3. The third will happen in Rhinelander, WI.

Please go to our UFFDA site for more info on hunts, how to become a member & how to apply. If you have any questions about the hunts, contact the UFFDA main desk at 320-634-3660 or email us at bowtwang@charter.net.

The drawing for hunters usually takes place the first of June. Applications must be received by 5/09 to be included in the selection process. It is important to know that first time applicants are given priority in the drawing. If you have never been to an UFFDA hunt, you are guaranteed of being selected. The next group is taken from members who have been to a hunt and have not harvested a deer. If there are still places to fill, the final spots are given to UFFDA members who harvested deer at the previous year’s hunt. If you have any questions about what is expected