Rydell Refuge Deer Hunt – Northern Minnesota

My name is Randy Sorensen and I want all disabled hunters to know about a whitetail hunt we do for people with disabilities in northern Minnesota. We are not an outfitter, we are a Center for Independent Living that has designed the hunt to assist people with new disabilities and youth with disabilities who want to get into hunting. We try to design the hunt so that people have a chance to visit with each other while still being able to access the bush. In the past we’ve had people with all types of disabilities including total blindness, complete quadriplegic, MD, CP, downs syndrome, and traumatic head injuries to mention a few. Visit our hunt website at http://options-rydellrefugedeerhunt.wikispaces.com/. Call for Applications.

Rydell National Game Refuge is a 2,150-acre refuge located in Polk County near the communities of Erskine and Mentor, MN. The hunt will be up to 20 hunters. All-terrain vehicles are allowed with accessible trailers so that if a hunter chooses they can be driven out to their stands. The refuge also has some accessible hunting platforms available.

Hunters are responsible for travel to and from the refuge, their sleeping accommodations while at the hunt, purchasing their license, and providing for their personal needs. Hunt organizers will assist hunters with getting from the refuge headquarters to and from their hunting site, providing volunteers to assist with the handling of the animal after it is shot (if requested), and meals.

Anyone interested in applying for this year’s hunt please contact Randy at (800) 726-3692. Applications must be postmarked by September. For those persons chosen, the Refuge will be open for scouting and choosing a blind location in late September.