Physically Challenged Bowhunters of America Deer & Turkey Hunts

Located in the southwest side of Indiana in Davies County sits the town of Washington, Indiana. The Washington Conservation Club (WCC) and Graveyard Hunt Club (GHC) co-host the PCBA Whitetail Deer and Turkey Hunt the first three days of the Indiana Archery season in early October. The local businesses support the hunt through donation of food and lodging in the town of Washington. Your hunt will take place on private property in Davies, Greene, and Martin counties. You are expected to arrive at the WCC between 1 -2 pm on the first day and not before. After checking in and getting your hunting license purchased at the WCC, you will have hunter introductions and guide assignments by the GHC. Once you meet your guide you will head to the range and site your bows in. Those that need to go to the hotel will be taken by your guides and then return to the WCC for the evening meal and DNR speaker presentation. For the lucky hunters that harvest a deer, processing has been arranged and your animal will be taken care of as you wish. A hunt itinerary will be provided when you check in. Call the PCBA at 855-247-7222 or through their facebook page to find out how to sign up.