Physically Challenged Bowhunters of America Deer & Turkey Hunts

Hunt #1 – Located in the North east side of Ohio in Guernsey County lies the Deerassic Deer Education Center, Cambridge, Ohio. The Deerasic Education Center hosts the PCBA hunt during the 2rd week of October with berthing, meals, and deer processing part of their support package. Local landowners and volunteers come to guide for the lucky hunters. Both deer and turkey may be harvested with the purchase of license. You are to arrive between 1 -2 pm on the first day and not before. Your license will be purchased during check in. An outdoor range is set up for your bow checks and sight in. On location camper trailers will be provided for the hunters that are able to access them, all others will be placed in hotels in town or at Salt Fork Lodge. A hunt itinerary will be provided when you check in. Call the PCBA at 855-247-7222 or through their facebook page to find out how to sign up.

Hunt #2 – Located in south central Ohio in Ross County, Ohio. The Pine Ridge Valley Outfitters host this hunt during the 3rd week of October on their private properties and provide quaint but extremely comfortable accommodations, exceptional meals, and local processing services if required. You can expect to see plenty of deer and turkey on the properties. You are to arrive between 12 – 1 pm on the first day. not before and depart on the last day by 1pm. Fun will be had upon arrival. Transportation to and from your blinds will be provided with opportunity to hunt out of ground blinds, ladder stands, and your own climber. This is one of our up and coming premier hunts. Call the PCBA at 855-247-7222 or through their facebook page to find out how to sign up.

Hunt #3 – Plotts Family Hunt – This hunt is takes place in Jackson County, Ohio on private property. You will be berthed in a rustic hunting cabin with cots and bunk beds for sleeping accommodations. All meals are provided with the “house specialty” always a big hit. Hunting blinds range from single man dog house, pop up ground blinds, and your own ladder or climber. You are not to arrive before 1:00 pm the first day and depart by 1:00 pm the last day. Your harvest will be cleaned and quartered for you on location. Expect to see deer and turkey during your hunt. Contact the PCBA to sign up.