Minnesota Broken Wing Pheasant Hunt

Hunters and companions will be invited in early spring to experience a “Once in a Lifetime” pheasant hunt and other related outdoor actives the 1st weekend of September near Pine River, MN.

The Minnesota Broken Wing Connection is a nonprofit organization devoted to offering individuals with physical disabilities the chance to rediscover or discover for the first time, the outdoor activities available to them. This is accomplished through and event called the “Minnesota Broken Wing Connection Pheasant Hunt Individual”. Individuals experience pheasant hunting in a whole different way with the use of specially designed rigs, the help of family and friends, and sharing in the “CAN DO” spirit.

The cost to put hunters and their companions is raised through fundraisers, a silent auction, a live auction and from donations. We greatly appreciate any type of donation you have made in the past, that has helped to make our event for theses hunters a huge success.

If you are able to help with a donation for our event, please send to or contact:

Minnesota Broken Wing
C/O: Verna Gertgen
11620 94th Ave NE
Spicer, MN 56288