Department of Wildlife Controlled Hunts

There are annual hunts offered through the ODWC public draw system for disabled hunters called CONTROLLED HUNTS. To enter the draw, you must purchase a 5-day license for $75 if you’re a non-resident JUST TO APPLY FOR THE HUNT, and the draw opens every year in the Spring/Summer.

You will also need to apply for a Mobility-Impaired card which is also available through the ODWC. Then you can apply for any of the mobility-impaired hunts, and for as many as you want. In the controlled hunts category, there is a separate “mobility-impaired” section. These are all rifle hunts and the best one for big whitetail takes place at Hugo Lake.

In the Archery section, there is one mobility-impaired hunt at McAlester AAP which is bow-only. This one is also for big whitetail deer but has a lot of rules to follow since it is a military installation. (I have been on both of these hunts and would like to get some feedback on the other locations if anyone has hunted them and would like to send a review.)

Once drawn, you must purchase a license online to secure your place on the hunt. Your license is available for download directly from the site now instead of being mailed to you.