Dorado Adaptive Rod Holder

The Dorado from Freedom Adaptive Systems is an adaptive rod holder for a wheelchair. It is designed after the Side Winder in function.    The Dorado was created for people in chairs who have a difficult time catching a fish because of upper limb issues or who need a break from holding the rod.  This rod holder is designed to catch larger fish than the Side Winder.  Being clamped to the chair gives the Dorado more strength to land a larger fish. It also has the spring loaded rod tube allowing the rod to be easily adjusted to one of four fishing positions.  The Dorado lets you set the hook and play the fish (lift and reel) as well as anyone on the boat.

Fishing with a gimbal butt will let you take full advantage of this adaptive rod holder.  The butt will engage the pivot bolt located at the bottom of the rod tube and when the thumb screw is tightened, the rod will not move when you are reeling in a fish.dorado 1

Installation is required to attach it to a wheelchair.

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For info contact:
Eddie Jensen
Freedom Adaptive Systems
(425) 286-9597