Barracuda Rod Holder

Barracuda angle copyThe Barracuda from Freedom Adaptive Systems is the answer to fishing with one arm.  It’s a rod holder designed to help challenged anglers who have upper body mobility issues catch most species of fish.  It is limited only by the angler’s strength and ability.  The Barracuda is a harnessed rod holder that holds a fishing rod securely in front of the body for use with either the right or left hand.  It helps distribute energy to the shoulders, back, stomach, and the legs of the fisherman.  The Barracuda allows the angler to experience a new level of independence, control, and excitement when fishing.

The Barracuda is made from corrosion resistant aluminum, stainless steel and nylon hardware, Polypropylene webbing and high impact plastic buckles and connectors. Most of aluminum parts that make up the rod holder portion of this system are powder coated for extra protection, looks, and durability.   The bolt that allows the fishing rod to pivot also acts as the receiver for a rod that has a gimbal butt installed.  When engaged, it prevents the rod from twisting when reeling in a fish.  It is the most popular system with people who only have one arm to use. The Barracuda will work without modifications to the fishing rod, however to get the maximum benefit out of the system we recommend that you install a gimbal and make the plunger engage into the gimbal.

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