Fishing in the Extreme – Ice Fishing from a Wheelchair

By Ashlee Lundvall ~

For many people living with a disability, the battle to control their body temperature is a constant struggle. I always do my best to avoid places where extreme temperatures will be a factor, whether too hot or too cold. With this mindset, I have always thought that ice fishing would be an activity that I would never enjoy. Who in their right mind would want to freeze to death while huddling over tiny holes with stubby little fishing poles hoping to catch a fish you can’t even see?

Turns out that would be me!

When Barb Carey of the Women Ice Angler Project contacted me last fall about joining the group for a weekend of ice fishing on Lake Mil Lacs in Minnesota, I was hesitant to accept the invitation. Thankfully, my adventurous nature took over and I knew I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try a new activity. Add to that the purpose of encouraging more women to become involved in the sport, and any hesitation I had melted away.

Before the trip, I received a large box in the mail from Clam Outdoors. I knew that they were sponsoring the project, and that several of the ladies on the team were pro staff for Clam, but I had no idea how generous they were being with me until I opened the package. Inside I found an Ice Armour Lift Parka and Bib set, a pair of merino wool socks, gloves, and sub zero boots. Wow! Going over the details on these products certainly made me feel a lot better about staying warm on the ice.

On the drive to Minnesota, I stopped at a Cabela’s to finish adding to my cold weather gear. I picked up a new set of wool polar base layers and a fur hat. With my Volt heated fleece and Flambeau heated muff already packed in my suitcase, I was ready to do some ice fishing!…

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