Caldwell Deadshot Treepod

caldwell deadshot treepod

Caldwell Deadshot Treepod by Battenfeld Technologies – The latest product from Caldwell is being used by challenged sportsmen as a cheaper way to own a gun rig. They are adapting the Treepod to their chairs to instantly have a solid shooting rest right in their laps.

Trigger Pull Device

trigger pull device

Trigger Pull Device – I developed this device over the course of 10 years until I finally went to an orthotics doctor to custom-make this version for me that I still use today. Ideal for shooters with limited to no hand function. This device allows the shooter’s finger to contact the trigger which is one […]

Zero Gravity Rig

zero gravity2

Zero Gravity Rig – A design to help people with limited upper body strength be able to wing-shoot with a shotgun. Works by using a counterbalance to take away the weight of the gun which allows the shooter to lift & swing the gun when bird hunting. Currently, there are no companies making the Zero […]

NOS 360 Rotating Device

NOS 360

the NOS360 is an invention that allows a hunter, either manually or electrically, to rotate 360 degrees while sitting in a blind without having to move a wheelchair. It is a lightweight aluminum construction that can support the weight of any power chair. The NOS 360 can also be used by manual chair users for […]



The Liberator by Liberty Worx is a very specific model of shooting rig made for those with high injury levels or extremely limited motor function. The gun or bow, once mounted, can be controlled with a joystick or sip-n-puff trigger, and the shooter wheels up onto the rig to operate it. Get details at […]