Dorado Adaptive Rod Holder

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The Dorado from Freedom Adaptive Systems is an adaptive rod holder for a wheelchair. It is designed after the Side Winder in function.    The Dorado was created for people in chairs who have a difficult time catching a fish because of upper limb issues or who need a break from holding the rod.  This rod […]

Side Winder Rod Holder

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The Side Winder from Freedom Adaptive Systems is one of the easiest adaptive rod holders to use.  Designed for use by individuals with arm or hand mobility issues.  It is an excellent rod holder for catching smaller sized fish, although fish in excess of 20 pounds have been caught using the Side Winder.  The Side […]

Barracuda Rod Holder

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The Barracuda from Freedom Adaptive Systems is the answer to fishing with one arm.  It’s a rod holder designed to help challenged anglers who have upper body mobility issues catch most species of fish.  It is limited only by the angler’s strength and ability.  The Barracuda is a harnessed rod holder that holds a fishing rod securely in […]

Strike Fighter


Strike Fighter by Shelton Products – Rod holding device build for one-armed fisherman or fishing from a sitting position. The StrikeFighter holds the rod & reel securely so you can work the reel with one hand with little to no effort. Ideal for disabled fishermen who have a hard time holding a rod and would […]

Electric Fishing Reel

The Electramate offers over 20 different models of electric fishing reels.

There are two types of electric fishing reels designed for those with limited hand function and strength, the Electromate and the PowerFish’N Pro. Both are made for light tackle fishing reels and can be used in combination with some of the fishing rod mounts that attach to your chair.