Submission Guidelines

Story Submission Guidelines

To begin with, we’d like to point out that these are merely guidelines. Every story has its own ideal length and ultimate goal is to find it. We are looking for full length articles and guest columns for the magazine as well as short stories for the site. And if you don’t think you are a writer or have never written anything before, that’s ok too. We can help. Just send us your story idea and we can take it from there.

A column/short story will typically be 500-700 words. If you want to submit something as a column, it should be basically your thoughts on a certain topic that fits in one of our special sections (anything from travel to adaptive gear). A short story can be a profile of one person or group or any less-than-full length article of interest. Short stories will mainly be posted on the website and should be accompanied with some photos if possible.

As for feature stories in the magazine, they should be in the 1,000-4,000 word range. All submissions will be edited by the editors. If you have a story idea but want some guidance in writing it, we can provide that as well. All stories should be accompanied by photos.


Photos Submission Guidelines

Only high resolution photos can be used in the magazine so make sure and set your camera to the highest setting. As a rule, take more pictures than you think you will need. Show us how the activities you are writing about were done, what equipment was used, the scenery, and the people involved.

For recreational activities, try to get photos of the different stages of the activity or event. Be sure to take some vertical photos for submissions that may make the magazine cover.

For hunting, any photos of a harvested animal should be respectable and not offensive. We cannot use pictures of kills that are excessively bloody, tongues hanging out, from the back of pickup trucks, etc. Photos of just a deer’s head, for example, will not be accepted. Take plenty of photos of you in the field, in the blind, your adaptive shooting equipment, scenery and action shots in addition to trophy photos.

Again, take more pictures than you think you need and at different angles and distances. Keep in mind that only vertical photos can be used for the magazine cover.

Good luck and we can’t wait to see what adventures you have been on.