Sheila Tramontana

Volunteer, Tighten the Drag Foundation

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Sheila Tramontana is a proud mother of three.  Her kids propelled her into the outdoors as they participated in all types of sports from fishing to drag racing.  She has enjoyed writing and outdoor sports photography from a young age.

In August 2012, her world was shaken to the core when her oldest son, Robert, a fishing Guide, suffered a spinal cord injury that left him paralyzed.  Since that time, she has devoted much of her time volunteering for the Tighten The Drag Foundation.

The Foundation was started to fund recovery rehabilitation after injury which is not recognized by insurance.  Their annual Fall Fishing Tournament allowed them to award six therapy scholarships in 2014.

Sheila’s hobbies include being on the beach, boating, and gardening.

Tighten The Drag Foundation