Clay Dyer

Professional Fisherman
Motivational Speaker
Hamilton, AL

Clay was born in May, 1978, with a congenital defect that left him with no legs and only half an arm on one side. He said it wasn’t until he was five years old that he became aware that he was different from other kids, and that awareness didn’t affect his spirit one bit (he swears that was a gift from God). In Clay’s mind, he was a normal boy and he was determined to live like one. He did as much as he could growing up, playing three sports and going outdoors to hunt & fish whenever he could with family and friends. The only adaptive device he used was a piece of string to hold the gun to his shoulder and to pull the trigger with.

It was his grandfather that got him started fishing as a kid. With no modifications, Clay learned how to cast a rod & reel and catch fish. You could say he was “hooked” right away. At age 10, he went bass fishing for the first time and caught one on a top-water lure. That was all it took. During Clay’s high school years, he was consumed by bass fishing, and at 19, he turned pro and started fishing the circuit events.

Clay has won nearly 40 local and state tournaments to date, but he’s yet to win his first national event. That is one of his ultimate goals. He also wants to be a role model for others. Clay is focused on what he CAN do and what he wants to do in the future, and he’s uses the constant support of his family and friends as well as his zest for life to fuel his passions.

Speaking career – Clay gives motivational talks 70 or more times annually, using the motto “If I can, you can.” He is considered the “most inspirational fisherman” alive today.

The View From Down Here is Just Fine, by Scott Laney, chronicles Clay’s amazing life of overcoming adversity, staying positive and encouraging others.

When not fishing or speaking, Clay embraces his current role of working with high school students and football players at Hamilton High.

Fans can interact with Clay on Facebook. An online search of Clay Dyer returns a compelling montage of videos and articles posted by the multitudes of people that have been personally influenced by Clay.