Hunting Programs & Organizations

UFFDA – MN, WI, TX & Manitoba, CA – A group whose mission is the promotion of archery for challenged hunters. They hold hunts for deer in MN & WI, for deer & bear in Manitoba and for exotics in Texas every year. Membership is $20/year. Contact Dan Hendricks at (612) 634-3660 or

Chairbound Hunters – WY – A small group that is committed to giving chairbound hunters the opportunity to experience quality hunting in beautiful southeast Wyoming. CBH is a non-profit organization designed exclusively for persons who are wheelchair-bound, blind or terminally ill. Hunts are primarily for deer & antelope, but also some for turkey & doves as well as a prairie dog shoot in June. Contact Al McCarty at (307) 331-1143 or

Outdoor Buddies – CO – Outdoor Buddies mission is to provide opportunities, through a volunteer organization, for those who have been deprived of enjoying outdoor experiences. The focus is on those who are mobility-disabled, at-risk youth, and youth groups. They hunt deer, elk, antelope, turkey, duck and pheasant along with fishing events. Contact Dwaine Robey at (719) 783-9044 or

Buckmasters’ American Deer Foundation – The Deep South – BADF Disabled Services uses its combined resources to locate and organize opportunities for people with physical disabilities. Grants of equipment and hunting scholarships are also available to qualified challenged sportsmen & women. Many BADF chapters offer support to disabled hunters in their communities by arranging hunts or sending individuals on special hunts in other parts of the country. Contact David Sullivan at (205) 366-8415 or

Outdoors Without Limits – The Deep South – OWL is a unique organization that empowers people to reach their potential in a setting that breaks down barriers and removes stereotypes through our love of the…The Great Outdoors! We want to EDUCATE those with disabilities about activities in the outdoors and offer them the OPPORTUNITY to participate. Deer hunting, turkey hunting & fishing events. Contact Kirk Thomas at or through the site.

Wheelin’ Sportsmen – The Deep South to the Midwest – Wheelin’ Sportsmen provides all people with disabilities opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. NWTF chapters host Wheelin’ Sportsmen events across North America that help participants gain a sense of independence by learning to stay active in the outdoors on their own in between Wheelin’ Sportsmen events. Since it’s part of the NWTF, they mostly hunt for deer & turkey, but this group hosts all types of events, including fishing, and has chapters in multiple states. Contact a local chapter through their site.

Southern Sportsmen Foundation – AR – We are a group of outdoor enthusiasts who want to share our love for the outdoors with people who have disabilities, including children and veterans. Our supporters believe that in the world of hunting, there is room for people of all abilities. SSF hosts two deer hunts every Fall near Foreman, AR, and is currently working on some waterfowl hunting as well. Contact Mike Cranford at (903) 826-3318 or

Kidz Outdoors – AL, AR, FL, GA & TN – Looking for young hunters, ages 6-15 years, for the Kidz Outdoors’ events this Fall. They provide opportunities for disabled and able-bodied children to have experiences in the outdoors that they would otherwise not have. They need donations & volunteers to make this happen. All interested parties contact Carol Clark at 205-410-3779 or

Wyoming Disabled Hunters – WY – Mule deer & Elk – Wyoming Disabled Hunters is a non-profit organization based in Cody that is made up of Wyoming residents who have a personal connection with physically-challenged hunters. Our goal is to provide an affordable hunt for hunters who are disabled & wounded warriors. Contact Corey McGregor at or through their site.

Serve Outdoors – IA & TX – Serve Outdoors is a nonprofit organization directed by Al Smith to work with communities, business, and organizations for the purpose of organizing outdoor events for people with
disabilities, wounded warriors and youngsters. We host deer, turkey, duck, dove & quail hunting events as well as fishing trips. In Texas, contact either Drew McGinnes of the Matagorda chapter at (979) 240-1661 or find the Hill Country chapter on Facebook. For Iowa, contact Al Smith at (641) 777-9484 or

Physically Challenged Bowhunters of America – OH, KY & WY – The PCBA is a non-profit organization founded in 1993 to assist physically disabled persons with actively participating in bowhunting and archery sports. A major emphasis is placed on reaching people with disabilities who have never been exposed to the greatest recreational therapy in the world – bowhunting and archery. Hunts are for elk, mule deer, whitetail deer & antelope. Contact PCBA at (855) 247-7222 or email Jake Jacobsen at

Capable Partners – MN – The Vision and Mission of Capable Partners is to create a well known Twin Cities based non-profit organization of sport persons whose mission is to volunteer their time and talents to provide hunting, fishing, and related opportunities for the physically challenged. We hold events for deer, duck, goose, pheasant & turkey hunting every year. We also host fishing events. Contact them by phone at (763) 439-1038 or through their site.

Turkey Tracks Eric Corey Foundation – IN & TN – What started in 2009 with a couple of kids in Eric’s home has now become a community-wide event in Knox, IN.  Every year in April, volunteer hunt guides, local farmers and supportive friends all pitch in for a weekend of fellowship, friendship, fun & turkey hunting. The same thing happens in TN.  Turkey Tracks Hunt has the equipment and the ability to take young hunters in wheelchairs and challenge them to the same adventure that a person with mobility would enjoy experiencing. Call 574-772-5567 or email

Challenged Sportsmen of America- Challenged Sportsmen of America is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping men, women, and children who have become disabled through accident, injury, or disease continue to enjoy the outdoors. They hold a dove hunt/fishing trip every Fall in deep south Texas in what’s called “the valley”. Call (956) 994-8800 or mail for more info.

The Way Outfitters – Hunting – Fishing – Skiing – Dude Ranch – The Mission of The Way Outfitters is to provide wholesome outdoor adventure experiences of hunting, fishing and other activities for disabled, disadvantaged and terminally ill children and youth, and disabled and terminally ill American Veterans. The Way Outfitters provides all activity costs for the 3- or 4-day adventure trips for the guest, and their parents or guardians. Contact Roger Devenport at (830) 792-9140 or

Challenged Outdoorsmen of AmericaTX, AR, IL & NE – COA was created to provide the encouragement and opportunity of organized outdoor activities to challenged outdoorsmen and disadvantaged youth. COA believes in giving the challenged outdoorsmen and youth the pride of belonging to a group where fellowshipping, working hard and serving others is rewarded by improving the quality of life through outdoor activities. Deer hunting & fishing. Contact Dearil Jackson at 903-748-2437 or email  for the TX Chapter. Contact other chapters through the COA site.

Hope OutdoorsAR – Hope Outdoors is a non-denominational Christian outdoor ministry that partners with caring organizations and churches across the nation to facilitate hope through outdoor activities. They host turkey & deer hunts every year in Arkansas as well as fishing events. Contact Stephen “Opie” Thomas at or Hope Outdoors at 501-278-4856 for more info on how to apply for a hunt or volunteer.

Outdoor Friends ForeverAL – Outdoor Friends Forever is a non-profit organization founded in 2010 by Jim Hardy to provide outdoor opportunities to people with special needs. The organization hosts multiple events throughout the year including hunting and fishing weekends. The family of each hunter is encouraged to attend the weekend events. Contact Jim Hardy at (334) 233-5399 or

Outdoor Adventures for the Physically Challenged – WY – A fairly new organization that hosts disabled hunters on a ranch in WY for deer & antelope hunting. The foundation will pay for the applicant’s hunting license, fuel to and from Wyoming, meals while at the lodge, processing of tagged animal, mounting of tagged animal (head and antlers), and a CD of the hunt. Applicants are put on a waiting list as a first come first serve basis. If you cannot go this year you will be put on the list. You will be notified where you are on the list every year. So please try to get your application in ASAP. Apply online or contact Brad Hammermeister at 608-963-7173, Mike Brunner at 608-479-0760, or Dave Reynolds at 608-462-5303.

Special Youth Challenge Ministries – IA – SYC of Iowa is a 501C3 nonprofit Christian based ministry designed to teach and assist youth with special challenges to participate in and enjoy shooting sports in God’s great outdoors. SYC provides training and other necessary aides to help the hunters achieve this goal at no cost to them. There are three events held each year; a turkey hunt in the spring, a fundraiser in August, and a deer hunt in September. Call 866-SYC-IOWA or visit their site to apply.

Special Youth Challenge Ministries – GA – SYC of Georgia, Inc., is a non-profit, Christian based ministry designed to teach physically challenged youth how to participate in and enjoy the shooting sports and God’s great outdoors by providing special outdoor events and training for the youth and their families. They host deer hunts, hog hunts & fishing trips. Contact Joey Wiggins at 229-222-1458 or James Whiddon at 229-567-1500 for more info.